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         Tv Ratings:          'Watchmen' 
Premier Draws 1.5Million Viewers. Why?
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"Watchman" Premier Draws 1.5 Million Viewers, written by Will Thorne for Variety Magazine, October 21, 2019. Link down below for the article.


With 1.5 million viewers, HBO has done it again. Do we have another "Game of Thrones" on the rise? Only time will tell. I think it helps that there was a film adaptation in 2009 by Zack Snyder. It left the audience wanting more. Critics have given it positive reviews across the board, which helps. I feel that DC comics has had great luck with TV shows but is having a difficult time adapting to the big screen. This show has made me a believer, so sign me up. I'm on board with HBO and "Watchmen." I look forward to watching upcoming shows.


In conclusion, I feel that "Watchmen" has the potential to become the next "Game of Thrones"! In my opinion, they have a great cast and the writing seems to be on point. Let me know your opinion. Leave a comment

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