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Why did ‘South Park’ Creators
Respond to China Censorship?
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Variety Magazine Article-"South Park" Creators Respond to China Censorship: ‘Xi Doesn’t Look Just Like Winnie the Pooh at All‘ story by Joe Otterson On October 7, 2019. Link below.

Have the creators of "South Park" gone too far by making fun of a Chinese dictator? I say absolutely not. We tend to forget that the freedoms we take for granted in America are not something everyone has. This is a reminder of that. The creators of ‘South Park’ have the right to make content that makes their fans happy. Unfortunately, China also has the right to turn it off. What do you think? Should China have the right to ban "South Park"?


America gives us many rights that we take for granted, and I have come to the conclusion that you cannot make everybody happy. Enjoy the fact that we have the greatest country in the world and that most countries, even China, envy us. Let me hear from you. Are you a proud American? Leave a Comment

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