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"Bad Boys for Life" Crash and burn or box office hit?

"Bad Boys for Life" will it Crash and burn or box office hit?

Sony's "Bad Boys for Life" Crash and burn or box office hit? I think it's safe to say it's flying high right now, but what makes this film work? Box Office Mojo shows the film at about $112,000,000 from the opening weekend, for more up to date numbers check out the link below. 👇🏻

The real question should be, what makes "Bad Boys for Life" work? Is it star-studded cast? @WillSmith, @MartinLawrence, @GabrielleUnion or maybe it's impressive director @MichaelBay? There is many factors that make me excited about seeing this movie. The fact they kept the same formula and didn't try to remake the movie, they just made improvements. "Bad Boys 2" opened domestically with $46,522,560 back in 2003. That pretty much guaranteed a hit if the followed the same formula. They would have been fools to change it. Link below “Bad Boys 2”👇🏻

compared to "Bad Boys for Life" 2020, which opened with $62,150,000. Link above at the beginning of the article👆🏼.

In Conclusion, I believe "Bad Boys for Life" is definitely going to be a runaway hit. If you're looking for a great action-comedy combination, then look no further, its "Bad Boys for Life"! Let me know what you think of this film? Do you enjoy Will Smith and Martin Lawrence together again? I definitely do! Thanks for reading.

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