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Driving Towards Happiness... By E.S

In the race against time, I'm always bound,

To speed down roads with urgency profound.

Yet upon arrival, a sense of estrangement,

As if I'm a ghost, lost in rearrangement.

A peculiar feeling, a disquieting air,

Like the night before Christmas, so eager and rare.

But as I search, no presents to be found,

Only vacant spaces, an absence profound.

I yearn to conquer this anxious unrest,

To find solace, to soothe my weary chest.

Yet hope eludes me, a distant mirage,

Leaving me no choice but to continue my barrage.

Through highways and byways, I press on,

Seeking answers in the distance, in the dawn.

For within this perpetual drive, I may find,

A flicker of peace, a place to unwind.

Though the road may stretch, winding and long,

I persist, searching for where I belong.

In the rhythm of tires, the hum of the street,

A fleeting solace, a temporary retreat.

And as I keep driving, a nomad in motion,

I hold onto the hope of a serene ocean.

Where worries dissolve like the mist in the air,

And I can finally lay down this burden, this snare.

Until then, I'll traverse the asphalt expanse,

Embracing the unknown, taking a chance.

For in this relentless journey, I may discover,

A place where my restless soul can recover.

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