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How did ‘Joker’ Dominate International Box Office with $124 Million?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Joker’ Dominates International Box Office with $124 Million by DAVE MCNARY. After per’sonally seeing ‘Joker This weekend I can now see what the deal is all about. The character development was thought out. I felt like I understood the Joker which made him more relatable. Unlike some of the other DC characters this film had a great back story. Joaquin Phoenix Transformed himself into the ‘Joker’ and I Would love to see a sequel. I feel like I’m not alone in wishing for a sequel.


In conclusion I feel that ‘Joker’ was masterfully executed from its great screenplay to its amazing performance from Joaquin Phoenix, it was definitely an Oscar worthy performance. I really hope The DC Universe is taking notes on proper character development. Box Office Mojo Gross sales numbers below

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