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Tv Ratings: ‘Watchmen’ Premier Draws 1.5 Million Viewers. Why?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Tv Ratings: ‘Watchman’ Premier Draws 1.5 Million Viewers by Will Thorne in Variety. Link down below for article 👇🏻😎.


With 1.5 million viewers, HBO has done it again. Do we have another “Game of Thrones” on the rise? Only time will tell. I think it helps that there was a film adaptation in 2009 by Zack Snyder. It left the audience wanting more. Critics have given it positive reviews across the board which helps. I feel that DC comics is great luck with tv shows but are having a difficult time adapting to the big screen. I have now become a huge fan of HBO and “Watchmen”. I look forward to watching upcoming shows.


In Conclusion I feel that “Watchmen” has the potential to become the next “Game of Thrones”! In my opinion they have a great cast and the writing seems to be on point. Let me know your opinion. Leave a comment down below.

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