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Creative Writing Exercise for New Writers....

Hi Everyone,

Tell your story! No two writers will tell the same story.

Writing exercise: read a screenplay (not an Avengers film)😅. Once you read it, try to tell the same story in your own words and see what happens. It’s like passing a message to the person next to you. Write your version of the story not a summary.

Purpose of Exercise: As long as you're not just copying, the message will change, and you'll tell a different story. Below is a link to more exercises from the Industrial Scripts website. They have their own exercises.

  • It can be a short script. This is just to get your creative juices flowing😅👌.

  • Leave a comment and let me know if you have an exercise to get you going creatively.

  • Share with a fellow creative.

Below is a helpful link where you can find more exercises.

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